Growth Product / CRO Manager 2

Location: Remote

ConversionRate.Store is looking for a motivated and experienced Project Manager to join our team.

We are a leading CRO/UXO agency serving some of the most successful companies in the industry, including Microsoft, Samcart, Reckitt, Preply, Gaiam, Depositphotos, and Papaya Global. Consisting of 50 world-class specialists, we are one of the largest and most successful CRO/UXO agencies worldwide. On several occasions, we were featured as the #1 CRO agency globally on Clutch. We have the largest database of CRO/UXO case studies in the world, making us the foremost knowledge holder in the field globally.  

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    Position goals and responsibilities:

    1. As a performance-based CRO/UXO agency, we deliver results to our clients through key revenue metric uplifts. 

    Therefore, your primary responsibility will be to lead the CRO/UXO team in driving the improvement of essential metrics, including conversion rate (CVR), average revenue per user (ARPU), and average order value (AOV). You will manage a diverse team that includes CRO managers, UX researchers, data engineers, data analysts, UX/UI designers, copywriters, developers, and QA testers.

    2. As a Project Manager at ConversionRate.Store, you will oversee CRO/UXO projects for our English-speaking clients from the US, UK, and Australia.

    Our clients primarily include eCommerce stores, SaaS businesses, iOS/Android applications, and lead-generation sites, enabling you to gain expertise across these monetization models. We are committed to working with ethical businesses that contribute value to humanity, which means we do not engage with casinos, forex, pornography, weapons, betting, dating, etc. Your responsibilities will encompass ensuring our team delivers uplifts in key performance metrics for your clients and maintaining effective and proactive communication with your clients about the progress of CRO/UXO projects.

    3. As a Project Manager, your primary responsibilities will include planning your team’s activities and overseeing the effective execution of these planned activities in weekly and monthly sprints. 

    Your ultimate deliverable for each client will be the successful execution of A/B tests that achieve uplifts in key performance metrics, accompanied by effective communication of these results to your clients.

    Position requirements:

    • A minimum of 3 years of experience in Project / Account Management with US/UK/Australia markets. Yet, ambition and drive are also compelling to us — we welcome those who are ready to grow and make a difference with our world-class team
    • Excellent communication skills with the ability to engage in public presentations and potentially sales environments. Previous public speaking/sales experience is highly valued.
    • Exceptional English proficiency, both verbal and written, with the responsibility to present to the client’s senior management
    • Proficiency in team task planning, monitoring, and Scrum methodologies

    We offer:

    • Direct, positive and visible impact on 64 million monthly users

      We increased the total e-commerce market volume in Ukraine, childbirth in Australia, and scaled hundreds of products that make REAL VALUE to users. We don’t work with harmful, unethical products such as online casinos, betting, forex, or products that simply have no value such as online games regardless of the client’s budget
    • 100% data-driven culture

      We don’t make ANY decisions without data behind it. All of your best hypotheses will be A/B tested and you’ll see the results. Our product analysts often have more impact on product A/B testing decisions than our agency or clients’ management. We don’t tolerate hypotheses that are based only on vision, opinions, experience or best practices. ONLY DATA

      Couldn’t find a match?

      Send us your contacts, and we’ll get in touch with you when something fits.